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Exhibitions and presentations

2014, May 24.. June 3 - On Track 01- Group exposition, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Impressions of the group exhibition on platform number 1 of the Central Station in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

- LIsette Schumacher     >
- Remco Mackenbach
- Gerrit Bruins
- Desiree de Baar (our coach)     >

The opening speech was given by Karin Arink, coordinator Fine Arts and Photography at the academy.
Rolf van Engelen gave us great tips for the for the exposition.
The exhibition space was made available to us by Salon d' Autonome.    >

On Track 01      On Track 01
Impressions of the location.

On Track 01      On Track 01
Right work of Lisette Schumacher

          On Track 01                              On Track 01
On the left work from my project 'Duplicating Jesus'. On the right work of Desiree de Baar.

On Track 01      On Track 01
The speech by Karin Arink.

On Track 01      On Track 01
Great atmosphere..

On Track 01      On Track 01
Work from my project 'Duplicating Jesus'.