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My projects


Tiny Art Project

Tiny art objects distributed via the classical cigarette vending machines .


Installation: "Twyns"

With the Open Expo in Schiedam as a trigger, Jolanda Peeters and myself have created an installation in which our way
of collaborating in the process of creating art is symbolized.


Artist Residency - St. Louis, Senegal
Furniture Design

Inspiration and design based on my stay at WAW, St. Louis, Senegal .

Residency Waaw Senegal


Project: Furniture design
Furniture Design

Have a look at my former and recent furniture designs.

Furniture Design

On the Waterline

" On the Waterline" is a project where artists and maritime engineers redefine the way in which we will interact with
water in the future. During 8 weeks they buid a work of art in the centre of Rotterdam.

Autumn Salon


"Just being there" - Floating objects, fighting the influence of time

Within the context of the Canal Art exposition in Delft, NL, Jolanda Peeters and I
made a set of geometric, rational objects that gradualy transfer from city to nature.

Canal Art

Duplicating Jesus - On going

In the Bonnefanten museum in Maastricht, the Netherlands, I was struck by emotions when I saw a medieval
statue of Jesus. this project I Would it be possible to copy the statue with new techniques and preserve the
emotional value?

Statue of Jesus


Duplicating myself - On going

Can I re-invent myself or am I unique? I start with a 3D copy.

Copy of myself

IWMI - It wasn't my idea: 144 paintings in 48 triptychs, designed by my art machine
On going

It wasn't my idea. Trying not to be original.

IWMI - It wasn't me


Open Design for a Butterfly

Technology seems the serum for many problems now adays. Some are more difficult.


Living jewelry
Living Jewelry

Nature growing on your skin.

Living Jewelry

A Flock of Art Object

A flock of art objects, seamingly living on the rithm of the day, reacting on people getting too close, sleeping in the
the night and reacting on the wheather.



Original or replica: outsourcing art to China

Art created without the need for my own involvement.
Through my program, developed in Max MSP, unique digital images are created automatically. Unique oil paintings
on canvas are created by craftsmen in China.



Realworld Wall Painting

A wall painting, made together with Rita Knegtering for the office of Realworld System, The Netherlands.
Ca. 12 meters wide and 2,40 meters high. Acrylic on board.

Wall Painting

Painting Sessions in a Church, The Netherlands

A wall painting, made together with Rita Knegtering in a medieval church in Adorp, Groningen, the Netherlands.
Ca 5 meters high and 5 meters wide. Acrylic on board.

Painting Session