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The Beast

Group expo: 'The Beast' (Nl: 'Het Beest'), Schiedam, NL The face ofthe shadow
The Beast in nature and in us.  

The face of the shadow

Group expo: 'The Face of the Shadow' (Nl: 'Het gezicht van de schaduw'), Delft, NL The face ofthe shadow
Light as source of creativity.  


Falling horses in my work

"Falling horses." - A book   How time began
A book about falling horses.

In kleur gevangen

"Caught in colours (Dutch: In kleur gevangen)" - Group expo - Schiedam, NL Sokkels
- How the context of colour influences art.

How time began

"How time began" - Project one step beyond
- A statue made for the exhibitions 'Pedestals".


"Pedestals (Dutch: Sokkels)" - Group expo - Schiedam, NL Sokkels
- Twenty two artists research the meaning of pedestals for their work.


Field of View

"Field of View (Dutch: Gezichtsveld)" - Group expo - Schiedam, NL Field of view
- Artists create the world, the world creates artists


Proposals to reinvent festivals along the waterlines of the world. Field of view
- Art gives new meaning to old ceremonies.

one step beyond

"One step beyond" - Project one step beyond
- In the context of a group project I studied the origins of spirituality.


"Troostkunst" - Group expo - Schiedam, NL Troostkunst
- Artists express their impressions and thoughts about Covid-19 and the impact it has on their
   lives and ideas about art.


Expo: 'Celebration cakes', Schiedam, NL
Six artists created inspiring cakes for the 30 year anniversary of Stichting Kunstwerkt.   celebration


"Blackened" - Project   zwartgeblakerd
- A project and exhibition about the creative and destructive power of fire.



"Old stories, new illustrations" - Project   we are nature
- Through history fairy tales, myths and fables have inspired artists. New illustrations for old stories.

world collage atlas

Expo: 'World Collage Atlas', Schiedam, NL
Artists making works inspired by the Word Collage Atlas.   celebration


we are nature

"we are nature" - Project   we are nature
- 'All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man... the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.'
   Chief Seattle (around 1900)

we are nature

"we are nature" - Group expo - Schiedam, NL we are nature
- Eleven artists checking out their relationship with nature


"Tulip"- tableware design Tulip - tableware
- Design for three styles of tableware made of porcelain, birch wood and pvc. Mass production is kept in mind
  during the design process.

IWMI - it wasn't my idea

"IWMI - it wasn't my idea"- Expo with selected artists - Schiedam, NL IWMI - it wasn't my idea
- Can the inspiration of the artist only create art or can artificial intelligence (AI) make art as well?

Phases of Life

"PHASES OF LIFE" - Group expo - Delft, NL IWMI - it wasn't my idea
- New works by artists from Delft and surrounding region under the theme 'Phases of Life'.

New impuls

"NEW IMPULS" - Group Expo - Schiedam, NL New Impuls
- Introduction of the new members of the artist collective Stichting Kunstwerkt.


Year Change Art

"Art during the year change" - Group Expo - Schiedam, NL Year Change Art
- Light objects giving a new view of collages.

Join the reunion

"JOIN THE REUNION" - Group Expo - Tilburg, NL Join the reunion
- Reunion expo of the international Apprentice/Master project.

Festival Imagination

"IMAGINATION" - Video and light installation - Group Expo - Pijnakker, NL Festival Imagination
- A video installation together with Jolanda Peeters.


TINY PACKAGES OF ART - Project - Schiedam, NL Twyns
- Small transparent art objects.

Open Expo, Schiedam

"VRUCHTBARE GROND" - Expo - Schiedam, NL
Open Expo, Schiedam
- Open Expo at the Stedelijk Museum.


"TWYNS" - Video and light installation - Schiedam, NL Twyns

- Video and light installation together with Jolanda Peeters

WAAW residency

"WAAW" - Artist Residency - St. Louis, Senegal WAAW residency
- Getting inspired by African art.

Me, Mass, Hysteria

"ME, MASS, HYSTERIA" - Installation - Delft, Nl
Me, Mass, Hysteria
- Video and light installation with Jolanda Peeters.


Furniture Design

Furniture Design

Autumn Salon

"DAR 22" - Expo - Delft, NL
Atumn Salon 2017

Autumn Salon

"AUTUMN SALON" - Expo - Kadmium - Delft ,NL Atumn Salon 2017

Autumn Salon

"SPRING SALON" - Expo - Kadmium - Delft, NL
LenteSalon 2017

Autumn Salon
"ON THE WATERLINE" - Project - Rotterdam, NL


Autumn Salon

"AUTUMN SALON" - Expo - Delft, NL

Canal Art

"CANAL ART" - Expo - Delft, NL

Statue of Jesus

"DUPLICATING JESUS" - Project, On going



"GRADUATION EVENT" - Willem de Kooning Academy - Rotterdam, NL Graduation

- Masters:   Karin Arink, Desiree de Baar, Juan Beladrich, Rolf Engelen, Sjoerd Westbroek
- External:   Gerben Willers

Backlit, Nottingham, UK

Expo: "FIVE POINTS OF CONNECTION" - Expo - Nottingham, United Kingdom Expo Nottingham - Year Master:  Thom Puckey
- Master:           Geoff Diego Litherland
- Artists:            Bram Demunter, Dawn West, Michelle Verscheijden, Gerrit Bruins.

Kontoeren expo, Rotterdam

"KONTOEREN" - Expo, Rotterdam, NL Expo Niffo


On Track Expo, Rotterdam

"ON TRACK 01"- Expo - Platform 1 of the Central Station in Rotterdam Expo Rotterdam

IWMI on Facebook

" IWMI - It wasn't my idea" - Project IWMI
Also check IWMI on Facebook.


Open Design for a Butterfly
- Meditating our relationship with nature.

Living Jewelry
"LIVING JEWELRY" - Project Living Jewelry
- Meditating our relationship with nature through the daily routine of wearing living jewelry.

Living A Flock of Art

"A FLOCK OF ART OBJECTS" - Project A Flock of Art
- A flock of art objects landed at the building site of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam the Netherlands.


Oil Painting China

Project: Authentic Oil Paintings from China Drawing

Images created by my digital art machine, hand-painted by Chinese oil painters.