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Exhibitions and presentations



Expo: 'Anywhere' (Nl: 'Alom'), Kethel, NL
Exposition about spirituality in a medieval church.   Anywhere


The Beast

Group expo: 'The Beast' (Nl: 'Het Beest'), Schiedam, NL
The Beast in nature and in us.   The Beast

The face of the shadow

Group expo: 'The Face of the Shadow' (Nl: 'Het gezicht van de schaduw'), Delft, NL
Light as source of creativity.   Teh face ofthe shadow


In kleur gevangen

Group expo: 'Caught in colours' (Nl: 'In kleur gevangen'), Schiedam, NL
Colours as context for art.   In kleur gevangen


Group expo: 'Pedestals' (Nl: 'Sokkels'), Schiedam, NL
How pedestals contribute to art.   Sokkels


field of view

Expo: 'Field of View', Schiedam, NL
We create the world, the world creates us.   field of view

one step beyond

Expo: 'one step beyond', Schiedam, NL
Artists reseraching spirituality.   one step beyond



Expo: 'Celebration cakes', Schiedam, NL
Six artists created inspiring cakes for the 30 year anniversary of Stichting Kunstwerkt.   celebration


Expo: 'Troostkunst' (Consolation Art), Schiedam, NL
Artists reflecting on the past Covid year.   Troostkunst


we are nature

Expo: 'we are nature', Schiedam, NL
Artists reflecting on our position within nature.   IWMI - it wasn't my idea

IWMI - it wasn't my idea

Expo: IWMI - it wasn't my idea, Schiedam, NL
Can the inspiration of the artist only create art or can artifial intelligence (AI) make art as well?   IWMI - it wasn't my idea

Phases of Life

Expo: Phases of Life, Delft, NL
Recent works by artists from Delft and surrounding region   Phases of Life

New Impuls

Expo: New Impuls, Schiedam, NL
The new members of the artist collective stichting Kunstwerkt are introduced to the public through
the exhibition "New Impuls".   New Impuls


Festival Imagination

Expo: Christmas and Arts, Schiedam, The Netherlands

Celebrating Christmas and art.   Christmas and Art

Festival Imagination

Expo: Video and Light Installation, Pijnakker, The Netherlands
An installation during the "Imagination" festival.   Festival Imagination

Reunion Expo

Expo: "Join the Reunion, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Celebratingthat 10 years ago Zeus Hoenderop started the European Apprentice/Master program.   Reunion Expo

Open Expo, Schiedam

"Vruchtbare Grond" - Open Expo, Schiedam, NL
Open Expo Schiedam in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.
Four days, four museum rooms, 136 participating artists and a program full of lectures, workshops, performances,
concerts, etc.   Open Expo, Schiedam

Me, Mass, Hysteria

Installation: 'Me, Mass, Hysteria' - Delft, Netherlands
An installation on the tilting point of positive and negative experiences of mass hysteria. Together with Jolanda Peeters in Delft, NL   Me, Mass, Hysteria


Autumn Salon

Expo: DAR 22 - Delft, Netherlands
An installation of light and movement. Together with Jolanda Peeters in Delft, NL   Atumn Salon 2017

Autumn Salon

Autumn Salon, Kadmium - Delft, Netherlands
One the statues from the series 'Duplicating Jesus' was presented at the Autumn Salon, Prinsenkwartier, Delft, NL   LenteSalon 2017

Autumn Salon

Spring Salon, Kadmium - Delft, Netherlands
Together with fellow artists from the artist network Kadmium my work was presented at the Prinsenkwartier in Delft, NL   LenteSalon 2017


Autumn Salon

Autumn Salon - Duo Exposition
Overview of recent work of Jolanda Peeters and myself in Delft, the Netherlands.   Drawing

Canal Art

Canal Art - Duo Exposition
Jolanda Peeters and myself made a work to be exhibited on the canals of Delft, the Netherlands.   Drawing


Kontoeren expo

5 Points of Connection - Backlit, Nottingham, England

A   group exposition together with Geoff Diego Litherland, Michelle Verscheijden, Bram Demunter and
Dawn West at the Backlit Galery in Nottingham, UK.  Expo

Kontoeren expo

Graduation show - Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
A   solo exposition for my graduation at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

Kontoeren expo

Kontoeren - Niffo Gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
A   group exposition by nine students of the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

Anna Bondt          Christine Boon            Leontine Brugmans
Gerrit Bruins        Eveline de Jonge        Leon Moleveld
Lenny O.              Jolanda Peeters          Ariane Touw

The opening speech was given by Zoë D. Cochia, owner of the gallery.
Get an impression of the show.   Drawing


On Track 01 expo

On track 01- Group exposition, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
A   group exposition with my classmates and our coach at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

- LIsette Schumacher
- Remco Mackenbach
- Gerrit Bruins
- Desiree de Baar (our coach)

The opening speech was given by Karin Anink, coordinator Fine Arts and Photography at the academy.
Get an impression of the show.   Drawing


Fablab Amsterdam expo

Fablab, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Living jewelry. Open design project for the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in collaboration with the
Fablab in Amsterdam. Show you care by growing your own jewelry.


Evident Resident - Galerie MAD, Marseille, France
An exposition of international students of the L' École supérieure d’art et de design Marseille-Méditerrranée (ESADMM).

The artists:
Amand Charles Ahui N’cho - Ivory Coast ; Johannes Maria Braun - Austria ; Gerrit Bruins - The Netherlands ;
Poppy Davis - United Kingdom ; Osvaldo De Las Nieves - Chili ; |Hiba Ismail - Germany ; Eleanor Macgarry - United Kingdom ;
Thaïs Martinez - Spain ; Norbert Mayer - Hungary ; Tamas Molnar - Hungary ; Haidi Motola - Finland ;
Jules Donald Niamen Kouao - Ivory Coast ; Jean Oberson - Switzerland ; Claudia Rodrigue - Canada ;
Biplab Roy - India ; Maria Estela San Millán López – Spain ; Hanna Schmidt – Germany ; Malte Stiehl - Germany ;
Ruben Pino Uribe Echevarria – Spain ; Maria Zitaki - Greece.

Trustee of the expo: Piotr Klemensiewicz, professor at l’ESADMM.



Painting sessions - Church in Adorp, The Netherlands
Interactive painting sessions in a church together with Rita Knegtering. During the sessions visitors could follow
the progress of the work.