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2015, January 10..15 - 'Kontoeren' - Group exposition, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Impressions of the exhibition at gallery Niffo, a workspace for art and education.

Anna Bondt          Christine Boon            Leontine Brugmans
Gerrit Bruins         Eveline de Jonge        Leon Moleveld
Lenny O.              Jolanda Peeters          Ariane Touw

Kontoeren                                               Kontoeren
Kontoeren                            Kontoeren
Center: work of Anna Bondt                                                     'My goldfinch' - multiple media on board, 30 x 30 cm

Kontoeren      Kontoeren

Kontoeren      Kontoeren
Left: Jolanda Pewters, right: Christine Boon.                       Leon Mole veld

Kontoeren      Kontoeren
Ariadne Tow