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2017-2018 , November 30 .. January 7 - 'Me, Mass, Hysteria' - Installation, Delft, NL

Autumn Salon 01

Mass hysteria has a negative connotation. However it may take shape in very positive ways in the form of
i.e. music festivals, where everyone is happily moving on the rhythm of the music. Or in the shape of a
procession synchronizing all members in a religious sphere.
There is a delicate balance between the positive and negative aspects of hysteria.

In the Prinsenkwartier, Delft, NL, Jolanda Peeters and I made an installation of light, space and
movement that concentrates on the tilting point between mass hysteria as a positive or a negative
experience. 'The empty train that passes peacefully and slowly through the station, filled with the
expectation of hundreds of football hooligans to enter the train', may be an example of one of such tilting moments.
You feel the upcoming chaos in the silent image of the train.

In the installation we give the visitors the experience of a range of these tilting moments through
a multi dimensional projection, light, space and movement.

Autumn Salon 01   

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