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2013 A flock of art objects

A flock of art object has landed on the campus of the Erasmus university in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
The butterfly like objects seem to live on the rhythm of the days, weeks and months. In the evening they seem to fall
asleep. In the morning they wake up.

When people get to close they seem to get upset and move their wings nervously to keep the people away from
the building site. During the many months of construction the flock moves over the campus as butterflies flying
from place to place on a Sunday afternoon.

A flock of art 01       A flock of art 02

A flock of art 03          A flock of art 04

A model of the flock of art objects.

The Erasmus University in Rotterdam invited artists to design art objects separating the construction works for
a new heart of the campus and thousands of people living at the university. Large banners steered by
motors and sensors give the impression of a large flock of butterflies living there during the
period of construction and possibly after that.