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2016 "Just being there" - Canal Art

- A  project realized in collaboration with Jolanda Peeters, the Netherlands.

Geometric objects float, seemingly unintended, on the water of the canals in Delft.
Like loose stepping-stones, small containers, lost objects. Subject to the movements of wind and water.
Just being there.

The water disturbs the mirror images of technical arrow shapes on the sides of the objects.
The colors of the arrows compete with the neon lights of the city reflecting in the dark water.

Canal Art Project

From city to nature

Slowly the shiny metal objects rust away, giving way to nature.
The shiny arrows lag behind as remnants of the human battle against the perceived chaos of nature.


Canal Art 02          Canal Art 03

Canal Art 04          Canal Art 05

The installation.

Canal Art 06          Canal Art 07

Canal Art 08         Canal Art 09