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2018 Artist Residency - WAAW, St. Louis, Senegal

Mame Coumba Bang is the water goddess that reigns the mouth of the Senegal river, where St. Louis is located.
Within the mainly Muslim community of St. Louis, for many Mame Coumba Bang still is a vivid reality.

The significance of Mame Coumba Bang goes beyond just beliefs and offerings. The goddess offers protection
to the humans, but in exchange, she demands that the humans give her offerings.

"If one does not do it, it is misfortunes all the time. But, if one does it, she is happy, she leaves us in peaceā€ (Diop 2007).

Residency Senegal     Residency Senegal     Residency Senegal

Three designs for dresses inspired by Mame Coumba Bang with the omnipresent plastic pollution in mind.

Mame Coumba Bang and the contradictions in Senegalese society

In Senegal many aspects of society that the western world tries to reinvent are vividly present in present day life;
out of necessity, out of belief or from history. On the contrary other aspects get less attention.
Intriguing contradictions live within the Senegalese society.

- Recycling is part of daily life. Lack of resources creates the need to be creative with all things available.
- With the exception of plastic waste, which is present everywhere.

- Mame Coumba Bang is a reality for many people who helps society, if well treated.
- However pollution of water is omnipresent.

- Manual fishing and boat construction are important parts of the local economy.
- However international and technological developments create large pressures on daily economic life.

- St. Louis fishermen live with the sea.
- However, rising water levels have catastrophic effects on their houses and their environment.

St Louis, Senegal

Furniture 01          Furniture 02

Furniture 01          Furniture 02

Furniture 01          Furniture 02