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2020, 'Old stories, new illustrations'

Fairy tales, myths and fables have, through time, inspired artists to make illustrations.
Through time I will pick the stories that inspire me and make my own illustrations.

The mouse that turns into a girl

"05- The mouse that turned into a girl" (in Dutch)
The mouse that turns into a girl

There once was a man whose wishes had all been fulfilled. One day he sat on the bank of the river and saw a bird of prey flying with a mouse in its claws. Suddenly the bird opened its claws and the mouse fell to the ground near the man. The man felt sorry for the animal, picked it up carefully and put it in his sleeve to take it home.
But he thought that his wife would certainly not be willing to raise a mouse.......

The story comes from the Moroccan tradition. It is very similar to The Japanese stonemason and the Bengali story "The origin of opium". The illustration is inspired by work from Chagall, Jean-Paul Goude, a brown and black mouse.

The bumblebee

"04- The bumblebee" (in Dutch)
The bumblebee

The bumblebee
Once the seven-headed giant Delbegen gave the bumblebee the following command: "Sting every living creature you meet, taste who’s meat tastes best, and come tell me."
The bumblebee obeyed and flew over the earth, stabbing every living creature he met..........

A Khakassic folk tale.
The image is inspired by a mural by Willem van Hest and Ron Blom, people taken from work by Rubens, Cabanel, Spencer Tunick and Jeroen Bosch and bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman.

The horror and his horse

"03 The Horror and his horse" (in Dutch)
TThe horror and his horse

03 - The Horror and his horse
A horse trader that everyone is afraid of lives in a village on the Veluwe. They call him the Horror and he travels with his dog cart all over the Veluwe to buy dead horses.
One day he buys a bewitched dead horse from two thieves and not much later the Horror no longer travels with his dog cart, but with a lean old horse ..........

The illustration for the story is inspired by a 3D triangulated model by myself.

Turtle and hare

"02 - The turtle and the hare" (in Dutch)
Turtle and hare

The hare and the turtle is one of Aesop's fables, a collection of fables about animals. Aesop was a Greek storyteller
who lived about 2500 years ago. Many of his fables can be found in various ways in (oral) world literature.
In the fable about the hare and the turtle, the two animals race. The hare thinks it will win easily and makes no effort at all.
On the way he thinks he can take a nap, but when he wakes up, the turtle has already reached the finish.
That way the hare still loses the game.

The illustration for the story is inspired by a fresco in Avignon, the hare from Dürer and a drawing by myself.


"01 - Pygmalion" (in Dutch)

An Ovid myth about a love for an ivory statue. Pygmalion made a beautiful ivory statue of a woman. He admires the female
statue so much that he falls in love with it. During the feast of Venus, he wishes the gods to give him a woman:
"resembling my ivory ...". Venus answers his silent wish.

The illustration for the story is own work, mix media on paper, ca., 20 x 30 cm..