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2022, 'How time began'

A project about the startingpoint of time or the beginning of the world.

In the beginning, before the memory of man, there was no time. There was only light, white light. The light was
there, without beginning and without end. The white was so bright that you couldn't see anything.

There were no colors yet and nothing changed. It never got dark and light again. There was no sun setting and rising.
There were no leaves that discolored from green to red and then fell from the trees. No leaves coming back green.

There was only white. No beginning, no end, no past and no future. Everything was now. Until the moment of a light
crackling sound. Suddenly a crack appears in the white silence, unexpectedly like a crack in an egg.
In the crack it is not white. A light orange glow shines and you see two eyes looking curiously through the crack
  into the white world.

The orange glow flows from the crack slowly onto the white world. Gradually, a small spot of orange light appears.
The spot grows into a pond and the orange light starts flowing. It flows on and on.

A statue created for the exhibition 'Pedestals'

how_time_began                                                    how_time_began 


how_time_began                                  how_time_began